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The Basics

We've got an APTC 460 lathe. Vital statistics are as follows:

  • 1.5hp motor
  • 250/650/900/1700 RPM
  • 100mm chuck
  • 460mm between centers
  • MT2 tailstock (currently fitted with a 13mm drill chuck)

Our lathe is suitable for turning metals and plastics. Aluminium, brass, copper, delrin/acetal and nylon shouldn't present any problems. It should be possible to machine mild steel too, though you may find some additional cooling is necessary.


  • Always ensure the chuck key is removed before attempting to operate the lathe.
  • Ensure the work is securely fixed in the chuck.
  • The lathe will not run unless the guards are in place - this is for your safety, do not try to defeat this.
  • Swarf is SHARP - gloves are available in the box by the lathe.
  • Don't attempt to start drilling holes with a normal drill in the tailstock chuck - use a centre drill to create a pilot hole first.
  • Go and check you removed the chuck key again.


We currently have:

  • A selection of carbide tipped tools
  • 2x13mm drill chucks and a live center for the tailstock
  • Center drills
  • Knurling tool

We'd like:

  • Quick change tool post (but we're struggling to find one that'll fit)


Drive Belt
Gates 5M690