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Component drawers with useful stuff. This is intended for stuff that's too awesome to keep to yourself, but too expensive to just give away.

Parts can be taken without asking, but please leave money in the drawer you took the part from. Please also keep this wiki page up to date. When adding new stuff it is helpful if you can include a link to the datasheet.

Draw numbers are [row][comumn], with 0A in the top left

Table α

Drawer Part Number Desciption Quantity Price (£) Owner
0A KW1-562CYB 7-segment 0.5" Yellow LED 8 0.40 pbrook
0B LFD4165-20 7-segment 4-digit 0.5" Red LED 20 0.40 pbrook
0C MintyBoost Kit AA powered USB charger kit 1 15.00 Nav
0E PP3CLIP PP3 battery clip 4 0.25 pbrook
1A DIP8 8-pin DIP socket (0.3") 54 0.10 pbrook
1B DIP14 14-pin DIP socket (0.3") 34 0.15 pbrook
1C DIP16 16-pin DIP socket (0.3") 16 0.20 pbrook
1D DIP20 20-pin DIP socket (0.3") 24 0.20 pbrook
1E DIP28 28-pin DIP socket (0.3") 14 0.20 pbrook
2A CHOC12 12-way 3A choccy block connector 5 0.40 pbrook
2B DIPSWITCH DIP switches (2/4/6/8/10way) 50 0.20 pbrook
2C POT10K 10k linear rotary potentiometer with knob 21 0.30 pbrook
2D POT10K 10k linear rotary potentiometer with knob 23 0.30 pbrook
2E BUTTON 12mm tactile button (board mount) 100 0.10 pbrook
3A 40PIN-M 40x1 pin headers 95 0.10 pbrook
3B 40PIN-F 40x1 pin sockets 65 0.10 pbrook
3C 32PIN-F 16x2 pin headers 48 0.10 pbrook
3D BARREL-C 2.1x5.5 barrel socket (cable) 10 0.40 pbrook
3E BARREL-P 2.1x5.5 barrel socket (panel mount) 10 0.40 pbrook
4A HB-100 Datasheet 10.525 GHz Doppler Radar 6 6.50 Ajtag
4B Shrimp kit Shrimp kit 4 5.00 joran
4C CP2102 USB Serial widget - note no dtr, ignore RST 10 2.00 joran
4D CP2102 USB Serial widget - dtr pin solderable 10 3.00 joran
4E rf24l01 RF24 module 3 1.50 joran
5A 74AHC595 8-bit parallel-out shift register 5 0.50 pbrook
5B 2N7000 MOSFET 200mA 60V 80 0.10 pbrook
5C 240-6182 40-pin Universal ZIF socket 6 1.00 pbrook
5D RC522 RFID reader. N.B. not 5v tolerant. Arduino Sketch 4 4.00 pbrook
5E CD4050 Buffer/Level shifter 9 0.25 pbrook
6A IDC6-CABLE 6-pin IDC ribon cable (crossover wired) 18 0.70 pbrook
6B ISPCABLE 6-pin IDC ribon cable (for AVR ISP) 8 2.00 pbrook
6C 2N5551 NPN transistor (160V, 600mA) 25 0.05 pbrook
6D 754410 1A Dual H-bridge (quad half) motor driver 10 1.00 pbrook
6E SWITCH PCB mount SPDT slide switch 50 0.10 pbrook
8A SM4123 7-segment 2.3" Red LED 3 1.50 pbrook
8B LED Troll Blue 5mm (NOTE: case polarity indicator incorrect) 500 0.02 pbrook
8C 608-ZZ-C3 8x22x7 Ball Bearing 20 0.40 pbrook
9A CDL-022 USB extension cable 6 1.00 pbrook
9A VEROBOARD Stripboard (100x160mm) 1 2.00 pbrook

Table β

Drawer Part Number Desciption Quantity Price (£) Owner
0A Micro-USB cable (1m) 8 0.50 pbrook
0B Micro-USB cable (10cm) 10 0.50 pbrook
1A 2.1x5.5 barrel plug (cable) 10 0.40 pbrook
1B 2.1x5.5 barrel socket (cable) 14 0.40 pbrook
1C 2.1x5.5 barrel socket (panel mount) 10 0.40 pbrook
7A A4988 Stepstick 5 FIXME joran
8A Crimp pins lots 0.02 joran
8B Crimp pin housing (4x1) lots 0.02 joran
8C 40-way ribon jumper cable 2 FIXME joran
9A 919D DC motor with 1:148 gearbox 2 FIXME joran