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Complaints Policy

Leeds Hackspace aims to be an inclusive community where all visitors (both members and guests) feel welcome.

If members feel unhappy about anything in the hackspace, or they hare having difficulties getting along with other members or a discussion has broken down and agreement cannot be found, we encourage the to speak to our "People and Persons People", currently George Scott They will work to reach amicable solutions for any issues brought to them.

The Directors and committee also available collectively via or individually; fligg, japoteg or adhorden,

Complaints may still be made by any person by emailing the Management Committee at Each complaint raised is taken seriously.

Reasonable steps will be taken by the Management Committee to resolve the complaint informally before the start of this process.

The Complaints Process

  • Complaints and breaches of The Rules are dealt with by the Management Committee. If a member of the Management Committee is subject to a complaint, then this will preclude them from taking part in the complaints process.
  • The Management Committee will meet (either virtually or physically) to decide on the outcome of the complaint, taking into consideration as much information as possible.
  • If the complaint is upheld then the offender will receive a written warning, delivered by e-mail to the address registered with the Hackspace.
  • In the case of repeat offences the Management Committee may take the additional step of banning the member for a period of time. The default period of a ban is 6 months, adjustable by majority vote of the Management Committee.
  • Certain exceptional circumstances may result in an immediate ban. This requires a majority vote of the Management Committee.
  • Where appropriate sanctions short of a ban may be enforced - options include:
    • Revoking 24 hour access to the Hackspace
    • Revoking access to controlled-access tools (via the AccessNode system)
  • The membership will be updated on the process of ongoing complaints to a detail which is deemed in the interest of all involved.
  • The complainant will receive a reply with the result of the meeting, detailing the decision made and the reasoning behind it..
  • Where a complaint is not upheld, but it is believed by the Management Committee that there was genuine concern and no malicious intent on the part of the complainant then no further action will be taken.
  • Only where false allegations are made maliciously will it be considered appropriate to act against the complainant.

Banning a person from the Hackspace

  • Barring exceptional circumstances a person will receive two written warnings before they are banned.
  • The Management Committee reserves the right to ban anyone from entering Leeds Hackspace and to revoke membership from any person where it is decided to be in the best interest of Leeds Hackspace and its members.
  • When a person is banned their right to access the Leeds Hackspace premises is revoked, and any access to the premises without prior approval of the Management Committee will be considered trespass.

Openness & Transparency

Leeds Hackspace is working to become an open and transparent organisation, but there are obvious restrictions on the amount of information that can be shared publicly about complaints. The trustees will not discuss a complaint with anyone not involved in the process.

A public register of complaints and bans is maintained on the Wiki.