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| title = Maplin XM19V 13.8V Power Supply
| title = Maplin XM19V 13.8V Power Supply

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Maplin XM19V 13.8V Power Supply
MaplinXM19V RegulatedDCPowerSupply.JPG
Heavy, Fixed-Voltage Power Supply
Equipment Information
Status Unknown
Manufacturer Maplin (OEM)
Model Maplin XM19V
Hackspace Information
Induction Required Yes
Induction Information Here
Card RFID Enabled No
Owner unknown

The Basics

This is a big, high-current power supply with a fixed output voltage of around 13.8V. This is approximately the same as a charged "12V" lead acid battery.

The unit is capable of 7 amps continuously, 10 amps at around 50% duty cycle (frequency unspecified, but unlikely to be less than 1 Hz) and a peak current of 12 amps.

It is not known if this unit has short circuit protection. Because of this it's recommended that it only be attached to loads that are known to be OK. You should test unknown loads on other units with short circuit protection beforehand.


You must read the safety documentation in this link before using this equipment.

The maximum output of the power supply of around 13.8 volts is far below the SELV limit. This means it is *generally* safe to touch. The current is sufficient to cause burns if you are careless.