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Universal USB electronic device programmer
Equipment Information
Status Unknown
Manufacturer Autoelectric
Model Mini Pro TL866A
Hackspace Information
Induction Required Yes
Induction Information Here
Card RFID Enabled No
Owner On loan from Michael Walsh

The Basics

The Autoelectric Mini Pro TL866A is a universal device programmer which allows you to program electronicly programmable devices. Devices include PIC microprocessors, Atmel microprocessors, EPROMs, EEPROMS, Flash etc. This is the A version of the programmer which allows ICSP programming from a header at one end.

The device can program 5V and 3.3V devices in its 40 pin Zif socket, or on adaptor boards.



Note: The programmer requires the same version firmware as windows software. You will most likely need to use the latest version software due to other users having updated the programmer firmware to the latest version.

  • Download software from the manufacturers or the alternative website
  • Unplug the programmer
  • Install the driver
  • Plug in the programmer and allow the driver to be fully installed
  • Run the programmer software
  • When software is first run, you may need to upgrade the firmware in the unit. DO NOT POWER OFF DURING THIS OPERATION
  • If upgrade fails, the software will instruct you to unplug the device
  • The unit is known to operate from a Mac running a Virtual Machine with windows XP, but at the time of writing, the firmware needed upgrading via a Windows machine.

Basic Operation

  • Select the device type
  • If the specific device you have is not available, its possible there is a similar part available. Select the nearest fit. Adjust voltages if required in the drop down items
  • Load the software which you wish to program
  • Blank check the device (if applicable)
  • If not blank, erase the device. Electrically erasable device can be erased, UV erasable devices need a seperate eraser
  • Program the device
  • You can manually verify the device by selecting the verity button
  • If the Check ID fails, you can untick this check box.


None required.

Useful References