Laser Cutter Settings

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Laser cutter settings

Below are recommended settings for some known materials. If you want to cut something other than these, please experiment on scrap/spare material and update the table

Material Power Speed


3mm Acrylic Cut 100 7
3mm Acrylic Engrave (dither) 90 100
3mm Acrylic Engrave (solid) 55 100
3mm Acrylic Mark Shallow 50 50
3mm Acrylic Mark Deep* 100 100
3mm Laser Ply 100 7
3mm Laser Ply Mark Shallow 50 50
3mm Laser Ply Mark Deep* 100 100
150gsm Card 40 60
  • Mark Deep has a slight problem of not cutting any line which is within another one (i.e. it can only Mark Deep jam doughnuts, not ring doughnuts) so it is better to just adjust the settings for Mark Shallow instead.