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http://phssun07.leeds.ac.uk/mike/openleeds/test_index.php?maptype=open username: demonstration password: s1mpl3

(use this site sparingly!)


  1. Get data.
  2. Get a UI
    1. concentrate on "Red" cases


  1. What to do for aerial photos?
  2. Get use cases sorted for Red
  3. Viewpoint (optional, gains more points) and Focus (mandatory)
  4. What, Where, When, Want
    1. What is the image of
    2. Where was the image taken
    3. When was the image taken (decade? year?) (Or when was the subject there? Thinking buildings which are time sensitive, or have been knocked down)
    4. Want: link back to the leodis page with the options to purchase print
  5. Large locations - target should be the centre point of the image unless there is a specific and obvious focal point.
  6. Same location, multiple names? (Pubs)

Gaming system

  1. Points scoring
  2. Status labels (Kudos?)

Proof of concept Geolocation mechanism

Using OpenStreetMap?