Lulzbot Mini

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Lulzbot Mini
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A Small Lulzbot
Equipment Information
Status Not yet present
Manufacturer Lulzbot
Model Version 1
Firmware Prusa official firmware
Materials 1.75mm filament
Usable Area 150x150x150mm
Hackspace Information
Induction Required Yes
Induction Information Here
Card RFID Enabled No
Owner Leeds Hackspace
[More Info]

Thanks to the Hackspace Foundation and Lulzbot, we have acquired a Lulzbot Mini ( which is a 3mm filament based 3D Printer.

The LulzBot Mini is well documented ( with software support for Linux, Windows and Mac with their version of Cura ( this software is also used to upgrade the firmware on the LulzBot.

The LulzBot Mini 1 firmware is based on Marlin ( /

If you want to begin using the LulzBot Mini then you should start by following the Quick Start Guide so you're at least familiar with how it is setup.

There is also a user manual:

And a 'cheat sheet' poster:

Latest versions of documentation and similar can be found here, including replacement 3D printable parts:

(Any content in Mini/2 and above is for a different version of the LulzBot Mini 3D Printer)

Please be aware of the following safety considerations for the LulzBot Mini: