Lulzbot Mini

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Lulzbot Mini
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A Small Lulzbot
Equipment Information
Status Not yet present
Manufacturer Lulzbot
Model Version 1
Firmware Lulzbot official firmware
Head 0.5mm Normal Lulzbot Head
Materials 3mm hackspace filament
Usable Area 150x150x150mm
Hackspace Information
Induction Required Yes
Induction Information Here
Card RFID Enabled No
Owner Leeds Hackspace
[More Info]

A Lulzbot Mini V1 helpfully provided by Lulzbot and the hackpace foundation. It takes 3mm filament, and currently only runs filament from the hackspace; talk to Team 3D to ask about additional filament.


It is recommended that you read the Lulzbot Quickstart Guide before using the printer.

This printer uses Cura. Lulzbot creates a specific build of cura for their printers, installed on the relevent machines, and avaliable here for all relevent OSs (Win, Linux, Mac). This includes the printer and filament configs.

The printer is well documented by Lulzbot, avaliable on their website.


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