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The laser cutter we have is nice functional. This is good

It is also small. Hence begins the enlargening.

Plans here will be inspired by Further Fabrication.

Construction plans


Build Volume: 1200*2400mm Laser: 100W CO2 (Or better)

Construction: Aluminium Extrusion Frame Safety: Estop + Lid Catches + Laser Proof Plex (Apparently any Perspex Will Do)

Nice To have: Crapveyor to remove gunk

Nice to have: front and at least one end of the casing hinged so full-size sheets can be put in flat. Possible roller at bed height to ease single person operation.

Sourcing + Pricing estimates

Aluminium Extrusion

Building a frame out of Aluminium Extrusion would be easy and quick to assemble, and strong enough for a laser.

Currently overestimating Extrusion dimensions to 1500*300*2500mm to give some slack

Section Profile Cuts (mm) Notes
Base 2020 2*1500+2*2500 -2*20mm On some
Uprights 2040 4*300
Top 2040 2*1500+2*2500 -2*20mm On some
Laser Gantry 2040 1500 Going short length to hopefully reduce sag
Bed 2040 2*1300+2*2450 Hopefully enough slack
Bed Slats 2020 N*1300 N>=2
Outer Enclosure 2020 4*500+2*3000+2*2000 TODO: Close Bounds
Lid 2020 2*2000+2*3000+N*2000 N>=2, -2*20mm On some
Misc Standoffs 2020 500 Hopefully enough slack
Misc Standoffs 2040 500 Hopefully enough slack

"-2*20mm On some" means 2 20mm cuts off either of the sets to make a regular correctly sized rectangle

Total Length:

  • 2020: 37.1m
  • 2040: 22.8m

Sources of Aluminium Extrusion:

 * Found under Automation Components -> Framing
 * 2020: €5.4 per m per 4m length
 * 2040: €9.7 per m per 4m length
 * Priced for 6mm slot
 * 2020: £4.40 per m; £0.75 per cut MaxLen 6m
 * 2040: £6.60 per m; £0.75 per cut MaxLen 6m

At Cheapest Price: 38*4.40 + 23*6.60 = £319 ex VAT


TODO: Laser+Laser Gear Sourcing

Possible: DIY as people have built laser tubes before


China Express puts Nema17s at <£10 per motor; and 23s at <£20 per motor