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Member Storage

Each member is guaranteed one slot which will comfortably fit a 35 litre Really Useful Box. Everything must fit inside the allocated slot. If it does not fit in the slot then please refer to the Large Project Storage section below. Members are welcome to fit a door to their slot, ask Andy Sloss if you want to get involved with designing a door.

  • Print a label using the label printer, stick it above your slot (or on your door)
  • Don't store anything dangerous.
  • Stuff which sticks out of the slot or is left on the floor will be put in the box of shame by the door. The box of shame will be emptied every Open Saturday.

Clear Desk Policy

If anything is left out on the desks it will be swept into the week’s box of shame.

There are four boxes of shame. They are rotated on a Tuesday before every open night in a conveyor belt fashion. If you leave something out, look for it in the boxes. You have three to four weeks to retrieve anything from the boxes of shame before it is split apart for reuse or thrown away, which occurs when the box moves from the last slot back to the first slot.

Large Project Storage (LPS)

The infrastructure for this section is not yet implemented. Please bear with us while we get this sorted out.

If your project won’t fit in the member storage slot then it’s time to fill out a Large Project Storage Proposal form. If your thing is going to disappear within 24 hours, you don’t need to request storage.

This isn’t meant to be an arduous or intimidating process.

Fill out the form with your name, the nature of the project, ideal storage area and the expected end date. The form will email the mailing list. If no-one has any objections within 24 hours then go for it, you’re automatically approved. Grab one of the luggage tags and fill it in, attach it to your project somehow so we know who is responsible for what. Project taking a bit longer than you thought? Not a problem. Just keep the mailing list up to date with developments and update the expected end date.

The default state for a LPS request after 24 hours is “Approved” if there is no negative response on the mailing list. After negative response a Management Committee member will intervene with either an Approved or Not Approved status.

Large projects will be audited regularly by the Management Committee on a hack-the-space day. These happen every couple of months, usually coinciding with a Saturday open day. If a Large Project appears to be abandoned (i.e. the luggage tag hasn’t been updated in awhile, nobody has seen the owner in months) then the Management Committee will take appropriate measures to get in touch with the owner. If we can’t get in touch with the owner after a period of time then don’t be surprised if the project is disposed of.

Members on the mailing list are welcome to reject a request on grounds of safety (I want to store a large quantity of chlorine gas in a rusty gas cylinder of questionable heritage), inconvenience (I want to store 500 scaffolding poles) or time scale (I would like to store this project for 3 months while this super-strong but super-slow acting glue cures).

We’ve got this super-cool new hackspace with loads of space, let’s not just let it get filled with forgotten projects and associated detritus. An upside of this process is that we get to know what cool things everyone is working on!

  • We’ve cribbed a lot of this from London Hackspace. No shame.

Large Tool Storage

If you have tools that you would like to loan to the Hackspace on a long term basis, please email