November 2018 meeting

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Minutes, Directors meeting 16/11/18


  • In attendance
  • Apologies:
  • Membership and Arts Update
  • Matt Collins Membership
  • Joe Standing Down as Director
  • Date of the next General Meeting
  • Any Other Business
  • Electrical Work
  • Rewards for Directorship

In attendance

  • Daniel Fligg
  • Adam Horden
  • Joseph Corcoran

Apologies: None

Membership and Arts Update

The membership and arts document was discussed at length and agreed with unanimous vote. We intend to pass the document and then let members review at the next AGM for future changes.

Matt Collins' Membership

Matthew's health and safety violation was discussed in the context of various other complaints and verbal warnings for his inappropriate behaviour. This behaviour has affected the members of the Hackspace and attempted to affect the standing of the Hackspace in the wider community. It was decided that Matthew’s claim that his breaking the rules on lone working, due to a lack of clarity and poor circulation were unfounded, mainly because he was involved in both writing and publishing these rules. Directors have therefore unanimously decided that Matthew would be banned from the physical Hackspace for a period of 6 months starting from his apology dated 26th October 2018.

Following Matthew’s comments, the Directors reviewed the procedures for informing members of the lone working rules. These rules are confirmed upon initial induction at the start of membership to the Hackspace and re-iterated upon gaining 24/7 access. Signage and copies of the rules are easily visible at the Hackspace and specifically when entering the workshop and have been since before Matthews’s infraction. All members are required to keep up to date with our rules and policies and to abide by them. On review, the Directors regard this as sufficient notice for all members to know the rules on lone working.

Joe Standing Down as Director

Remaining Directors are unanimously upset to lose Joe. He has been a massive asset to the space during his time in this role and we look forward to his continued involvement in the Space. We wish him all the best going forward, and are only vaguely jealous at his new, less stressful position.

We hope the membership will step up to help fill the responsibilities left.

Date of the next General Meeting

The general meeting was set for Tuesday 11th December 2018 starting 7:30pm to be held at Leeds Hackspace.

Any Other Business

Electrical Work

The space will be closed for a week starting Monday 19th to add more electrical capacity to the workshop and finish off some other tasks. This has been announced to the wider membership with plenty of warning. We have currently spent approximately £1,000 and expect the work to consume approximately £500 more, though we have contingency in place as we expect the work to uncover other tasks that need completing.

Rewards for Directorship

Fligg has spoken for a while about rewarding people who have helped the space as a Director. He suggests that anyone who’s served as a Director of the space for 2 years or more should be offered free membership for life (pending any serious infractions). He would like to discuss this at the upcoming AGM.