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The following local suppliers have been found to be rather useful:

Member Storage Boxes

The member storage shelves are the 35 litre Really Useful Boxes.

Clas Ohlson

Some sort of genetic experiment to cross Ikea with Argos appears to have gone terribly wrong and resulted in Clas Ohlson. They stock all sorts of incredibly useful stuff.

Useful products:


Useful products:

HacMan have their own list of useful stuff


Given its proximity to the hackspace Maplin is always worth a visit for that one component you need to finish off a project, but beware - you will probably pay over the odds, and they hold very little stock, so if you need more than 2 or 3 of something you may find you're out of luck.

They have some breadboards at surprisingly good prices.

Metal Supermarket

Suppliers of steel/aluminium/copper/brass/bronze sheet/bar/tube. Will cut to size. Supplied the smooth rod for the hackspace Mendel Max.

Milford Builders Merchants

Just down the road from the hackspace, a very handy source of wood & mdf.

Model Shop

The model shop in Crossgates stocks servos, motors, construction materials and paints and is yet another place where enthusiasm can result in you spending plenty of cash.

Useful products:


  • Website:
  • Location: Unit 3 Olympia Industrial Estate, Gelderd Lane

Source of reasonably priced tools. They occasionally have some absolute bargains. Nav works just down the road so can collect items for delivery to the hackspace.

Trotec Engraving Supplies

Sells supplies for laser engraving, from wood to stone. Notable products: Product Size Cost pounds Solid wood Alderwood Sheet -20 Pack 101x 304 x2.4mm 40.40 Alderwood Sheet -20 Pack 101x 609 x3.0mm 71.94 Alderwood Sheet -20 Pack 101x 304 x6.0mm 52.80 Sheets MDF with veneers on both sides. Birch Laserwood Sheet 304x 609 x3.2mm 11.10 Cedar Laserwood Sheet 304x 609 x3.2mm 11.94 Cherry Laserwood Sheet 304x 609 x3.2mm 11.10 Maple Laserwood Sheet 304x 609 x3.2mm 11.10