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The laser is getting a controller upgrade to prevent it crashing. This should help alot.

Thus far it has shown it self to be most capiable of doing high complexity tasks without crashing.

Please not that untill it is fully installed it should only be worked on by a "trained professional" (i.e. someone who vagely knows what they are doing)

The upgraded controller

The new and improved controller is a BigTreeTech SKR v1.1; a mostly open source smoothieboard derivative, running an LPC1768 at 100MHz.

The new and improved firmware is a version of Marlin 2.0; and is currently being pull requested in to the main Marlin branch here

It is recommended that the code be compiled in VSCode using PlatformIO. Please note that compilation takes time so Get your wooden swords ready

Connecting the controller


Controlling the controller


Feature list