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Team Wiki is responsible for maintaining the Wiki backend and ensuring proper access to the wiki

Getting an account

To get a wiki account, please contact a member of Team Wiki.

Useful syntax

While the wiki posesses a visual editor (horray); knowing some of the basics of wiki-script is exceptionally usefull, especially for stuff like sub-templates


Far and away the most usefull wiki syntax is the different kinds of linking syntax

Internal/Interwiki linking

To link to another page on the wiki, you write [[Target Page | Link Text]]. If no link text is given the name itself is shown

You can link to external wikipedia pages using the interwiki functionality; to use this you apply a prefix; these prefixes are listed on the Interwiki list


External linking

External linking is similar to internal linking, but also different (because of course it is)

An external link is specified as [ Link Text]. Here the link text is seperated by a space from the url. As above, if no link text is present, it will just show the link, which here just looks bad

The mediawiki will also automatically link any url written; so if you write http://example.comit will auto-create a link


  • [ The BBC] -> The BBC