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Bench Grinder & Sander
Equipment Information
Status Unknown
Manufacturer WorkZone (Aldi)
Model TBSG-240-2013UK
Hackspace Information
Induction Required No
Card RFID Enabled No
Owner Hackspace

The Basics

240W 2950 RPM motor driving:

  • 150 mm dia x 20 mm grinding wheel (12.7 mm bore)
  • 50 mm x 686 mm sanding belt

Acceptable materials

  • Do not grind non-ferrous metals such as aluminium or copper on the wheel. this can lead to dangerous situations, such as the wheel exploding at high speed. Sanding aluminium using the sanding belt is fine.

Induction Requirement

No induction is required, though you are expected to have researched proper usage and suitable materials.


  • Long hair MUST be tied up, long sleeves should be rolled up securely.
  • Eye protection MUST be worn. Safety glasses are in the "Safety Equipment" box.
  • Ensure appropriate guards are in place. This includes ensuring that there is not a large gap between the edge of the tool rest and the grinding wheel.
  • Be careful what you shower in hot sparks (don't violate rule 0).

Replacement Consumables