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A Donated Felix V1.5
Equipment Information
Status Printing
Manufacturer Felix Printers
Model 1.5
Hackspace Information
Induction Required Yes
Induction Information Here
Card RFID Enabled No
Owner Leeds Hackspace

This is a Felix 1.5 donated to the hackspace. The heat bed hates life, so generally will take an age to heat up. It's not it's fault though it's made of Aluminium clad resistors.


Note: You need to be inducted on the printers to use them. This is dead so isn't worth being inducted on yet, but this is here to act as a maintainence guidline

To print with the Felix, ensure the printer is turned on AND plugged into a computer

Load Repetier host, and connect to the printer. Begin heating the bed ASAP, as it takes 20-30 mins

Slice your file with either Repetier, or using an external slicer and then loading your gcode into repetier

Click start print, and the printer will run

The printer has shown it self to run well at 50+mm/s when it wants to


The felix prints sometimes, and has many issues

Hotend issues

The hotend will cut out mid print, resulting in a Thermal monitor warning, and the print being killed

To fix this, try manually modifiying the PID values (See the guide on how to do this on Team 3D's page, whenever it goes up)

Also, check the powersupply, as it may be having issues kicking out the necesary current.

Heat bed

The heat bed isn't terrible, but it is most definately bad.

Current options:

  • Mount a standard reprap heatbed - Needs custom mounting brackets
  • Mill/etch custom heatbed - Needs large copper clad board, and CNC induction
  • Add more resistors to the current board - Hacky and cheap

The latter two options would be my choice.

Bed leveling

Leveling the bed is a pain. Recomended solutions are same as for the MendelMax.

Links =