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Farnell organised a competition between Leeds Hackspace and Pumping Station One (Chicago). The challenge is to building something using a Beaglebone Black. We attempted to create a robotic foosball table player. We came second in the competition due to various reasons...

Code for the driver controller, PRU and OpenCV tracking is here:

Current progress:

  • Acquired a football table
  • Ordered a ps3 eye webcam (640x480 @ 75fps) for ball tracking
  • pbrook has designed a mechanism in openscad to move the players


Motor Choccy Block

Left to right, motor cables facing away.

  1. Rod A Rotation
  2. Rod A Rotation
  3. Rod A Slide
  4. Rod A Slide
  5. Rod B Rotation
  6. Rod B Rotation
  7. Rod B Slide
  8. Rod B Slide
  9. Rod C Rotation
  10. Rod C Rotation
  11. Rod C Slide
  12. Rod C Slide

Limit Switch Choccy Block

  1. Rod A Inner Endstop
  2. Rod A Inner Endstop
  3. Rod A Outer Endstop
  4. Rod A Outer Endstop
  5. Rod A CW Endstop
  6. Rod A CW Endstop
  7. Rod A CCW Endstop
  8. Rod A CCW Endstop