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  • See also BoxOfBits for cost-price components.
  • Check chip marking before use. Items marked (*) are known to have different devices mixed in the same tube.
  • Quantities are approximate.
  • Details may be incorrect - check datasheet first.
  • TO-220, DIP and I-Pak are through-hole
  • TO-263, SO-* and D-Pak are surface-mount with leads (probably hand-solderable with care)
  • PQFN and DirectFET are pad-base surface mount (aka bloody awkward)


Part Description Package Quantity
ADC0804LCN 8-bit ADC DIP-20 9
DAC0800LCN 8-bit Parallel DAC DIP-16 11
TC1427 Dual MOSFET Driver DIP-8 31
PIC16F54 Microcontroller. 512word flash, 25bytes ram (icp docs) DIP-18 10 tubes
4001BE Quadruple 2-Input NOR Gate DIP-14 1.5 tubes
4002BE Dual 4-Input NOR Gate DIP-14 8.5 tubes
4008 4-bit Full Adder DIP-16 1 tube
4013 Dual D-Type Flip-Flop DIP-14 1 tube
4023 Triple 3-Input NAND DIP-14 1 tube
4063BE 4bit Magnitude Comparator DIP-16 1.5 tubes
4069UB Hex Inverter DIP-14 2.5 tubes
4071BCN Quadruple 2-Input OR Gate DIP-14 1 tube
CD4085BE 2-Input AND-OR-Inverter Gate DIP-14 2 tubes
CD40174BE Hex D-Type Flip-Flop DIP-16 1 tube
CD4511 BCD-to-7 Segment Latch/Decoder/Driver 16 1 tube
CD4518 Dual BCD Counter DIP-16 20
HEF4537BP BCD Rate Multiplier DIP-16 0.5 tube
74HC4049 Hex Inverting Buffer DIP-16 1 tube
7400 Quad 2-Input NAND DIP-14 1 tube
74LS04 Hex Inverter DIP-14 2.5 tubes
74LS08 Quad 2 input AND Gate DIP-14 1 tube
74LS47 BCD to 7 segment decoder DIP16 3.5 tubes
74LS85 (*) 4-Bit Magnitude Comparator DIP-16 3.5 tubes
74LS86 (*) Quad 2-Input Exclusive OR Gate DIP-14 6 tubes
74LS90 Decade Divide-by-12 and Binary Counter DIP-14 7 tubes
74LS93 4bit Binary Counter DIP-14 1 tube
74LS164 8bit Serial-In/Parallel-Out Shift Register DIP-14 6 tubes
74LS165 Shift Register DIP-16 1.5 tubes
74LS190 Presettable BCD/Decade Up/Down Counter DIP-16 2 tubes
74LS191 Synchronous 4bit Up/Down Counter with Up/Down Mode Control DIP-16 6 tubes
74LS244 Octal Non-Inverting Buffer DIP-20 1
74LS245 Octal Bus Transceiver DIP-20 17
74LS374 Octal D Type Flip-Flop DIP-20 3.5 tubes
AD712JN Dual FET op-amp DIP-8 1 tube
AD708BQ Ultralow Offset Voltage Dual Op Amp DIP-8 0.5 tubes
LM358M Low Power Dual Operational Amplifiers SO-8 3 tubes
LM556CN Dual 555 Timer DIP-14 11 tubes
LM741CN Op-amp DIP-8 23 tubes
LM837N Low Noise Quad Operational Amplifier DIP-14 6 tubes
LM384N 5W Audio Power Amplifier DIP-14 5 tubes
LM386N-1 Audio power amplifier DIP-8 10 tubes
LM386M-1 Audio power qamplifier SO-8 4 tubes
LM565CN Phase locked loop DIP-14 2 tubes
LM1815N Adaptive Variable Reluctance Sensor Amplifier DIP-14 2 tubes
DF02 Bridge rectifier 200V 1A DIP-4/8 3 tubes
DS75176BN Multipoint RS-485/RS-422 Transceivers DIP-8 6 tubes
LM331 Voltage to Frequency converter DIP-8 2 tubes
LNK564PN Energy Efficient Off-Line Switcher IC for Linear Transformer Replacement DIP-8 5 tubes
MF10CCN Dual switched capacitor filter DIP-20 4 tubes
74F32D Quad 2-Input OR Gate SO-14 2 tubes
74HCT112 74HCT112N - Dual JK flip-flop with set and reset; negative-edge trigger DIP-16 3 tubes
74ACT132D 1−of−8 Decoder/demultiplexer SO-16 1 tube
74F138N 3-to-8 line Decoder/Demultiplexer DIP-16 1 tube
74HC151N 8-input multiplexer DIP-16 8 tubes
74HCT640E High-Speed CMOS Logic Octal Three-State Inverting Bus Transceiver DIP-20 4 tubes
74HC668M High-Speed CMOS Logic 8-Bit Magnitude Comparator SO-20 7 tubes
74HCT4060N 14-stage binary ripple counter with oscillator DIP-16 2 tubes
74ABTH16224ADGG 16-bit bus tranciever with 3-state outputs SO-48 1 tube
LM2940T-5 5V 1A Low Dropout Regulator TO-220-3 (T) 4 tubes
LM2940T-9 9V 1A Low Dropout Regulator TO-220-3 (T) 3 tubes
LM2940S-5 5V 1A Low Dropout Regulator TO-263-3 (S) 4 tubes
LM340S-5P+ 5V 3-Terminal Positive Regulator TO-263-3 (S) 4 tubes
LM340S-12 12V 3-Terminal Positive Regulator TO-263-3 (S) 4 tubes
LM2574N 0.5A Step-Down Voltage Regulator DIP-8 3 tubes
LM2575T-5.0 5V 1A Step-Down Voltage Regulator TO-220-5 (T) 1 tube
LM2575T-ADJ Adjustable 1A Step-Down Voltage Regulator TO-220-5 (T) 3 tubes
LM2576T-5 5V 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator TO-220-5 (T) 1 tube
LM2674N-5 5V 0.5A High Efficiency Step-Down Voltage Regulator DIP-8 2 tubes
LP3961ES 3.3V 800mA Fast Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulators TO-263-5 (S) 3 tubes
LM78L05ACM 5V Positive regulator SO-8 1 tube
IRGB4059DPBF IGBT 600V 8A 56W TO-220AB
IRGP4066PBF IGBT 600V 75A 454W TO-247AC
IRL3715ZPBF Power MOSFET 20V 50A TO-220AB
IRF3704ZPBF Power MOSFET 20V 67A TO-220AB
IRFB4610PBF Power MOSFET 100V 73A TO-220AB
AUIRF2804L Power MOSFET 40V 195A TO-262
AUIRF1324WL Power MOSFET 24V 382A 300W TO-262 WL
AUIRF3004WL Power MOSFET 40V 382A 375W TO-262 WL
IRF3704ZSPBF Power MOSFET 20V 67A D2-Pak
IRLR8729PBF Power MOSFET 30V 58A D-Pak
IRLU8729PBF Power MOSFET 30V 58A I-Pak
AUIRFR1018E Power MOSFET 60V 56A D-Pak
AUIRFR3504 Power MOSFET 40V 42A D-Pak
IRLU3714ZPBF Power MOSFET 20V 37A 35W I-Pak
IRFU3711ZPBF Power MOSFET 20V 93A 79W I-Pak
IRLU7807ZPBF Power MOSFET 30V 40A I-Pak
IRLU8113PBF Power MOSFET 30V 94A 89W I-Pak
IRLS3036PBF Power MOSFET 60V 270A 380W D2Pak
IRFU120ZPBF Power MOSFET 100V 8.7A 35W I-Pak
IRFU4620PBF Power MOSFET 200V 24A I-Pak
IRLHS6242TR2PBF Power MOSFET 20V 8.5A 9.6W PQFN2x2
IRFH5206TR2PBF Power MOSFET 20V 87A 100W PQFN5x6
IRF6712STR1PBF Power MOSFET 25V 17A 36W DirectFET SQ
IRFH5255TRPBF Power MOSFET 25V 51A 3.6W PQFN5x6
IRF6714MTR1PBF Power MOSFET 25V 166A 89W DirectFET MX
IRF8707PBF Power MOSFET 30V 11A 2.5W SO-8
AUIRF7379QTR Paired N/P Power MOSFET 30V 4.8A 2.5W SO-8
IRF6708S2TR1PBF Power MOSFET 30V 36A 20W DirectFET S1
IRFH5104TR2PBF Power MOSFET 40V 100A 114W PQFN5x6
IRF6668TR1PBF Power MOSFET 80V 55A 89W DirectFET MZ
IRFH5220TR2PBF Power MOSFET 200V 20A 3.6W PQFN5x6


We have boxes (1000 qty) of the following resistors:

270R, 1k3, 5k6, 27k, 39k, 47k, 56k, 82k, 100k, 270k, 510k, 620k, 680k, 750k, 820k, 1M.

In addition we have small (<50) quantities of the following:

Resistors: 10R 22R 47R 100R 470R 1k 2.2k 4.7k 10k 22k 47k 100k 220k 470k 1M.

Capacitors: 10pF 22pF 47pF 100pF 470pF 1nF 2.2nF 4.7nF 22nF 47nF 100nF 220nF 470nF plus some electrolytics.