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The Hackspace is fed with a 3-phase supply.

Pre Space

The meter lives in the cellar's meter room (first on the right) and the supply can also be isolated there.

Thru Space

We have run a massive cable to the back of the cellar, up an air-stack and onto the roof, down into members storage, along the back corridor and into the electric panel in the craft area.

There are two sub fuse boxes.

  • workshop fed from (3) Workshop Isolator (3)
  • Electronics Bench - Fed from a fuse in Main-Space Fuse Box (5)

In Space (no one should cross the streams)

Electric panel off the wall under construction. Components numbered.
Electric flows bottom to top! Adam in front of the newly completed (and numbered) electric panel. Electric comes in from the bottom!

(1) Master Isolator (1)

Switch me off to switch the _entire_ space off.

(2) Bus-Bar Chamber (2)

This is where the wanna-be choo-choo's get drunk.

(3) Workshop Isolator (3)

Cable runs across the beam and into the workshop's fuse box.

(4) Space Isolator (4)

Isolates everything that isn't the workshop (foyer, main space, craft area, kitchen, back corridor, dark room, bathrooms).

(5) Main-Space Fuse Box (5)

This has individual resetable breakers for all of the circuits in the main space. (to be filled in from circuit list)


  • kitchen circuit
  • kitchen circuit


  • craft 1
  • craft 2


  • bla
  • doodat

Workshop Power