Extrudotron 9 Million

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We have lots of 3d printers.

3d Printing faliures make's up a reasonable proportion of 3d prints; Theoretically we can recycle them

Furthermore, Even high grade engineering plastics can be bought in raw form (i.e. pellets) for low prices (especially from china (TODO: SHIPPING CALCS)). And we can do fun stuff like add carbon fibre. Or metal powder. Or anything else we want.


Current plan is to use something akin to the Lyman extruder and will thus involve taking most of their design and adding to it.


  • High Torque Motor - Have
  • Auger drill bit - Can buy
  • Pipe + Pipe hardware - Can buy/may have
  • PSU - Have

Diameter sensor:

  • Need all the parts


  • Have all the parts

TODO: Assembly plan and storage plan