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This page documents branding of Leeds Hackspace to be used on official marketing materials, flyers, signage etc.

Download our logo pack. The pack includes colour and monochrome versions of the logo, as well as more detailed guidelines around usage of the logo.

Our logo is composed of the Hackspace "H" in a circle, and our name "Leeds Hackspace":


Where the name of the Hackspace is implied, the "H" glyph can be used on its own:


The colour versions of the logo should always be shown in Hackspace Blue and black, on a solid white background. If you'd like to use the logo on a coloured or dark background, there are monochrome versions of the logo included in the logo pack, which can be downloaded above. These can be used in any colour.

Hackspace Blue colour

The blue colour is close to "Hippie Blue"

RGB (for screen): 97, 148, 188 (#6194BC)

CMYK (for print): 64%, 33% 12%, 0%

Pantone: PANTONE solid uncoated, 542 U


The typeface used in the logo is Cairo, a free open-source font from Google Fonts.