Kerry Metal Lathe

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Kerry Metal Lathe
A large metal lathe
Equipment Information
Status Unknown
Manufacturer Kerry
Model Unknown
Hackspace Information
Induction Required Yes
Induction Information Here
Card RFID Enabled No
Owner Hackspace


What we have

We have a selection of indexable tooling using carbide inserts and tool holders (though currently not enough holders for all the tools) and some older brazed carbide tools (usually smaller, left over from the old lathe, though some larger tools have been donated over the years).

A set of indexable lathe tooling using TCMT inserts.

Tools include, but are not limited to:

  • 1.2" shank left TCMT
  • 1/2" shank right TCMT
  • 1.2" shank straight TCMT
  • 12mm shank left knife CCMT
  • 12mm shank right knife CCMT
  • 12mm shank 10mm circular profile
  • Parting off tool MGMN

What we'd like

Enough tool holders for all the insert tools, and a spare for brazed tools.


A selection of carbide inserts
  • TCMT090204 inserts (general purpose - steel/brass)
  • TCGT090204 inserts (ground and polished - aluminium)
  • M2.5x6mm Torx insert screw
  • CCMT09T304 inserts (general purpose - steel/brass)
  • CCGT09T304 inserts (ground and polished - aluminium)
  • RCMT10 inserts (general purpose - steel/brass)
  • RCGT10 inserts (general purpose - aluminium)
  • M4x8mm Torx insert screw
  • MGMN 200-T UM32 inserts (general purpose)
  • MGMN 200-G AK10 inserts (aluminium/non-ferrous)