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Discussions about the Workshop/3D_Printer for the space resulted in the conclusion that for maximum durability we should build a Mendel Max.

Current Status

Please consult with Martyn before ordering/purchasing any parts.

The Space MendelMax currently requires :

  • Motors - 5 needed for single extrusion, 6 if we go fancy dual extrusion - eMakershop a possibility
  • Smooth Rods - Metal Supermarket, all 8mm we have decided
  • Electronics - SmoothieBoard or 4Pi arm-based electronics are ideal, but mostly only about to be released
  • Timing Belts - Need to look up the specs.
  • Extruder/Hot End - Martyn has a spare heated nozzle ready, we need a ceramic spacer.
  • Heated bed* - Maryn has got a slightly iffy quote from china (direct import) for $45 each for 2 with $40 delivery. Alternatively part no. SRFG-1212/5-P-230V from
  • Possibly some more LM8UU bearings

(*)A heated bed is not strictly necessary for PLA but makes it a lot more reliable, and essential for ABS


  • Martyn R for printed parts. (Printing in progress)
  • Misumi for aluminium extrusions (collected from Bob C 2012-08-18).
  • Metal Supermarket (smooth rod)
  • Zapp Automation (steppers)

Shopping List

  • Structure
    • Plastic parts
    • T-Slot aluminium
    • Nuts and bolts for above
    • 8mm smooth rod 4*550mm (X&Y axis) 2*460mm (Z axis) TBA

(Confirm with Martyn before ordering)

  • Mechanical
    • LM8UU bearings
    • 5*NEMA 17 bipolar/hybrid stepper motors (Torque >=13.7 N-cm/1400 g-cm/19.4 oz-in, 5mm shaft).
  • Electronics
    • 4pi?
    • Smoothieboard?