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This page is under construction. PLEASE STAND BY.

3D printer construction and maintanance team.


These are standard procedures needed for printer setup/configuration

PLEASE: Check with a print maintainer before you mess with the printers. We like not returning to a tangled mess of broken printers and dreams.

PID Tuning

This is used to stop the fracking printers from fracking failing to fracking heat up.

MOST 3D printers use PID loops to maintain the hotend and bed temperature. PID loops are used to account for the slew that is heat transfer. If they don't they will laugh at you when you try to mess with PID.


Marlin and The RepRap wiki have some great docs on how to autotune PID.

To summarise so you don't need to read them you GENERALLY call:

M303 C<count> E<tool> S<temp> U1

For this command:

  • The count is how many loops of pid tuning to run
  • The tool is what you are tuning; Extruder number indexed from zero, OR -1 for bed
  • The temp is the temp to calibrate at. I.e. if you are having stabiluity issues at 220C, then you want S220
  • The U1 tells the printer to use this value instead of just printing it to console.

You then save with:


If you have EEPROM enabled. Which you should

Manual Tune

When autotune fails, manually tuning CAN work.

There are 3 pid values each meaning different things:

  • The proportional factor - P - How much PID cares about the difference between target and current
  • The integral factor - I - How much PID cares about the historical difference from the target
  • The derivative factor - D - How much PID cares about the rate of aproach to the target

Some common problems solvable by this:

  • Printer never reaches tempreture - Increase P
  • Printer overshoots - Decrease P OR Increase D