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This page contains information on all of the relevent 3d printers


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3D printers require induction; for more information contact Team 3D

For what to not do see Usage Guidelines. The short summary is don't be a twit, but reading them once is probably a good idea.


For issues with 3d printers, please contact a member of Team 3D. It will be added to the TODO list.

Building new printers

The hackspace is distinctly lacking in the latter part (i.e. space) and already have a lot of printers, so if you want to help the space build something look at the current projects list of the 3d print team

Building printers for home is fun, and is something the hackspace supports. 3D printers are mostly self replicating.

The Reprap project contains large amounts of info on building new 3d printers including Blueprints and info for replicating printers.


Printers previously documented at the hackspace:

  • SoliDoodle this is an enclosed printer primarily designed to print ABS.
  • Wallace in need of a new thermister and TLC

For usage reference see the Workshop Reference