Lulzbot Mini

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Lulzbot Mini
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A Small Lulzbot
Equipment Information
Status Not yet present
Manufacturer Lulzbot
Model Version 1
Firmware Lulzbot official firmware
Head 0.5mm Normal Lulzbot Head
Materials 3mm hackspace filament
Usable Area 150x150x150mm
Hackspace Information
Induction Required Yes
Induction Information Here
Card RFID Enabled No
Owner Leeds Hackspace
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A Lulzbot Mini V1 helpfully provided by Lulzbot and the hackspace foundation. It takes 3mm filament, and currently only runs filament from the hackspace; talk to Team 3D to ask about additional filament.


To familiarise yourself with the Lulzbot mini in 14 minutes before an induction please watch this YouTube video review by 3D Printing Nerd:

Modifications to Setup

By default the Lulzbot range wipes the hot end on a bar of soft cleaning material, the hot end is then tapped on each corner of the heat bed so that it can automatically level for the print.

Unfortunately, what can happen is that fluff is picked up onto the hot end and this affects the ability for the hot end to automatically level, which causes it to push into the bed further than it is meant to, and it either gets stuck into an 'auto level' loop, or it pushes further into the heat bed than it's meant to for a print.

A solution for this has been put in place, where an extra cleaning strip has been added alongside the standard, this uses effectively a scouring pad to scrub the hot end after it has gone through its normal cleaning process at the start of the clean.

Details for this modification is available here: and it was first identified here:

To use this extra cleaning strip the following GCode needs to be in the startup script for the Lulzbot Mini added just after the "G1 X115 Y176 Z-0.5 F1000 ; wiping" line:

G1 Z4 ; -- raise z prepare for move to secondary wiper

G1 X105 Y181 ; -- right end of secondary wiper

G1 Z1 ; -- Move down to pad

G1 X85 Y181.5 F4000 ; -- wipe off lint

G1 X105 Y181 F4000 ; -- wipe off lint

G1 X65 Y181.5 F4000 ; -- wipe off lint

G1 X85 Y181 Z0.5 F4000 ; -- wipe off lint

G1 X49 Y181.5 F3000 ; -- wipe off lint

G1 X69 Y181 F3000 ; -- wipe off lint

G1 X49 Y181.5 F2000 ; -- wipe off lint

G1 Z10 ; raise extruder

G28 X0 Y0 ; re-home to account for build variance of earlier mini builds

This can be made permanent into the firmware, but it has not at the moment.


It is recommended that you read the Lulzbot Quickstart Guide before using the printer.

This printer uses Cura. Lulzbot creates a specific build of cura for their printers, installed on the relevent machines, and avaliable here for all relevent OSs (Win, Linux, Mac). This includes the printer and filament configs.

The printer is well documented by Lulzbot, avaliable on their website.


This section will be completed by Stanto

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