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Prusa I3 Mk3
A Genuine Prusa made by Prusa Research
Equipment Information
Status Fully Armed and Operational
Manufacturer Prusa Research
Model Original Prusa i3 MK3 kit
Firmware Prusa official firmware
Head E3D V6
Materials 1.75mm filament
Usable Area 250x210x210mm
Hackspace Information
Induction Required Yes
Induction Information Here
Card RFID Enabled No
Owner Leeds Hackspace
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Notice: This page should be brought up to the standards of induction as soon as possible.

This is the hackspaces genuine Prusa Mk3. It's rediculesly awesome, creates nice prints, and mostly just works. Commonly joked to be the one 3d printer in the hackspace that works, it has numerous features that make using it awesome.


Notice: You must be inducted on the prusa in order to actually use it. This is merely a refresher

Notice: Currently overnight runs are a question as yet unresolved (which means no untill we figure out if we can).

  1. Aquire an STL from somewhere. Be it off the internet, modeling and exporting it yourself, or just manually writing out the position of all the triangles.
  2. Slice the file
    1. Drop your STL into Prusa Control. Select the preset in the top right. Then hit the slice button, then the save button.
    2. Drop your STL into Slic3r. Select the preset in the top right. Then hit the save Gcode button
  3. Save your GCode to your own folder on the Prusa SD card. The 3d print computer has an sd card reader on the front (it is the rightmost bottom port).
  4. Put the SD card into the prusa
  5. Select the file in the prusas "Print from SD" menu.
  6. Watch your print slowly grow.

Slic3r profiles

There are provided profiles for layerhights of 0.1mm, 0.15mm and 0.2mm. Profiles for 0.25mm and 0.3mm have been created. Any printer maintainers will likely want to increase the print speed on the settings, as the printer has shown itself to hapily print at 60mm/s, while only being sliced at 40.



Usage costs of the prusa are currently yet to be decided.


3d printer inductions have yet to be standardised. Please ask in slack about their current status and post on the mailing list to ask for one.


Even the most rliable printer in the hackspace has some upgrading to do (we are a hackspace, so hacking is sort of essential).

Spare parts are available to purchase for the Prusa from the online Prusa store. This ideally requires the account that was used to purchase the printer, however a conversation with the customer support will enable your account to access the 'spare parts' section of the online store to acquire consumables, etc.

While all care should be taken with the PEI print bed it is considered a consumable item and they are available here:

At time of writing the prices are as follows:

Double-sided Textured PEI Powder-coated Spring Steel Sheet - 38.99 VAT incl

Spring Steel Sheet With Smooth Double-sided PEI - 29.99 VAT incl

Octopi install

Fligg Got us a Rasp Pi Zero W to install. Ben has printed the bracket for mounting. For any maintainers wishing to finish the upgrade, please follow the How To guides on the prusa website [1] Linked here. When Last checked, we lack the long enough 2.54mm headers needed to make the connection with the mainboard.

We could also do with a Raspi cam, and a mounting bracket so we can make nice timelapses of prints.

Multi Material Upgrade

The Prusa MMU Mk2 released, and allows the prusa to print with 5 materials. Which is pretty awesome. However it also happens to cost £250 pre shipping. Which is less awesome.If anyone wants to start raising funds then that would be helpfull.

Automated Fire Suppression

This is partly a joke, and partly a solutiont to a problem. The problem: what happens if the printer goes burny. The solution: automated fire suppression. The prusa currently has a nice but juryrigged metal enclosure (not currently on the image), to stop stuff being dropped on it. The idea is to hack a fire alarm, and bolt the noise output to a Solenoid valve, and just flood the build chamber with CO2. Is this necesary? Certainly not, it's rediculous. Prusas generally dont go nova. But it's funny, and would be a usefull thing to develop, as it may make overnight running more likley.


  • Attach door to enclosure.
  • Get Solenoid valve, CO2 canister, Piping and Fire alarm
  • Setup
  • Test