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Appears as AVRISP mk II (avrdude -c avrisp2). Can program via ZIF socket, 6-pin ISP connector, or Minimus via pogo pins.

The ZIF socket has the location and orientation for various AVR chips marked on the underside of the board. Arrow points to pin 1 (notch).

DIP switches

Switch 1 controls power to the target chip. If on, 5V is supplied to the target. Otherwise it's assumed to be powered externally and the data levels are taken from the target Vcc.

Switch 2 is MSD. Switch 3 is DEBUG. Switch 4 is SILENT. Switch 5 is POWER. Switch 6 is unused?

Switches 7,8: On,Off for ATmega328. Off,On for tiny2313. CHECKME

The biggest danger is supplying 5V to a non-5V-tolerant device.

Source is here.