New VM Migration

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Fligg has kindly donated a vm on which to host the hackspace websites.

It can be found at (the vast majority of DNS names now point at this address). If you need to access the old server its (

Migration from the old server is currently underway.

Things already migrated:

  • wiki
  • dns (this server is ns0 and is configured as master. It will send notifies to ns1-3 when zones are changed and reloaded causing a zone transfer)
  • vpn (server is up and running ready for connection from gateway box)
  • blog (migrated & upgraded to wp 4.1 and all latest plugins/themes)
  • email (exim config transfered, mail & aliases migrated from old server)
  • Marvin_P_Droid IRC bot (it starts - waiting for ISP to actually expire an old DNS entry so the VPN connects and we can test it).