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This document details what private information we store and how and why we process it. It aims to be readable and understandable.

+ We store the information you give us, and use it to keep track of members at the membership club + This information is accessable to the Committee. + We will never sell or give this information away or use it for anything that isn't related to hackspace membership business.

The Hackspace is essentially a private members club with different induction levels. To facilitate this we need to be able to store and process some information about our members. Your personal interactions with the Hackspace also leave a digital trail, which we hope to make clear below.


NOTE: The mailing list ( is separate. See below.

Our email is hosted with Google's gsuite.

Email sent to are forwarded to all Committee Members so they can be processed.

Every committee member has their own email address. Usually this is only accessible by them directly. When a committee member steps down the old emails may be archived by the directors and any new emails to that address sent to the shared directors@ inbox for future processing.

Membership Information

At various stages of membership (initial sign up, when you get inducted on the space or on a new tool) we collect information about you and the information you've received. This is collected and stored using Google's "forms" and "drive". This is part of the business gsuite account used for emails. The information you provide us is accessible to the committee members. We will only ever use it for Hackspace related business and we will never sell or give it to a third party (unless legally obligated to do so).

Please find a list of what information we collect and where:

membership register (spacedata):

First name, First Initial, Sirname, Known As (irc/slack/nickname), Address, Postcode, email, Card ID, Pin Number, Emergency Contact name, Emergency Contact Phone, Members Mobile nbumber, date of first payment, date of latest payment, "20/07/1027" (needs clarifying), Initial induction (yes/no), 24 hour induction (yes/no), Bank reference.