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What's better than a pinball machine? TWO pinball machines. Or more!

The concept was to create two or more pinball machines that worked in tandem over a network, with the ultimate intention to ship one down to London's Hackspace and play competitively or co-operatively. See ideas for more info.


As a network-themed pinball machine, there are some obvious features/puns:

  • Multicast (instead of multiball)
  • A router - get it in the router and it shoots your ball out of another IP on the same machine, or routes it over the network to another pinball machine. *Warning: Incoming packet from Noisebridge!*
  • DDoS attacks on other machines
  • "round trip" loop, with higher scores for the lowest latency
  • Target of 99.99% Uptime
  • SYN/ACK targets, to initialise a PONG mini game between two machines
  • Secondary flippers controlled by another player over telnet
  • railgun to launch the ball


We went through a few naming ideas before settling on Pingball. The others were:

  • TCP/IPinball
  • TCP/IPinbot
  • Bagatelnet


File:Pingball whiteboard.jpg


  • Details of pinball solenoid dimensions, wire gauge and windings [1]