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NOTE: Space Automation could do with a lot of development work. Much of the informatio below is incorrect.

How to you tell your hackspace is occupied? Alert those in the space to important happenings? Control the all important nerf gun to remotely fire foam darts at the person who just arrived? Welcome to the wonderful world of hackspace automation.


Arduino Diecimila
Acts as an interface between all the other components and one of the servers at the space, a simple serial protocol is used for the server to be able to send commands to various items, or poll for data.
Moflash Spectrum 600
Lights up red, amber or green, flashes, makes a lot of noise. Currently triggers a flashing amber whenever someone mentions curry on the leeds hackspace irc channel. Currently disabled (see below).
Hackspace Automation System - now with added laser!
RC Servo
Intended for mounting a webcam, but further servos could be added for controlling other items (nerf gun? laser?). IRC control of this "left a bit, right a bit" was suggested by tamonten.
TC74 temperature sensor
Monitors the ambient temperature in the space. Polled by the server every minute and logged to a database.
Regularly polled by the server, changes in state are logged to a database - can be used to determine if the space is occupied or not.
Requested by Mick, webcam can be used for targetting. Everything is better with lasers.


The Moflash unit has this problem cracked - it's bright, it's loud, and when over used it's intensely annoying. So it's disabled and now broken.

Presence Detection

It is possible to monitor the MAC table on the server to determine who is around, and how busy the space is.


We're currently just logging temperature, but other sensors could be added, both internal and external (anyone fancy building a weather station?)


Mainly so people can keep an eye on what we're up to, could provide a feed if we want to take part in the Synchronous Global Hackathons. IRC control of this "left a bit, right a bit" is part of the irc bot.


Provides a means for people elsewhere to interact with the space, and an essential part of the curry alarm. Introducing Marvin_P_Droid !


Another lump of perl code, checks a database event queue for commands, and also handles the polling of the sensors connected to the arduino.