Scrap laser storage

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scrap laser storage is a place for offcuts to be left and found.

  • If you find it in the scrap pile then you're welcome to use it, but don't break rule 1.
  • Don't leave glass.
  • Please leave useful sized pieces
    • smaller pieces should be binned.
    • larger pieces with cutouts should be made smaller with less gaps.
  • If it's a non obvious material please label it.
  • Please mark non obvious scrap as scrap. People feel guilty destroying anything that looks like work.


  • Not next to the laser!

On the shelves by the kitchen door.

Large offcuts of (mostly orange) acrylic can be added to the orange acrylic pile under the craft area work table.

Sensible Scrap

"Break it, break it, break it down. Aww shit!" -Rage Against the Machine: Take the Power Back.

Try and leave sensible and useful sized bits of scrap. If you've taken cuts out of the middle then it might make more sense cut into 4 smaller pieces. (a diagram would be useful here).