Sheet Metal Tool

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metal brake
Sheet Metal Tool.jpg
Equipment Information
Status Unknown
Manufacturer Axminster
Model 3-in-1
Hackspace Information
Induction Required No
Card RFID Enabled No
Owner Ben Frederiks

This is a combination roller/shear/press brake for use on thin sheet metal up to 305mm wide and 1mm (rolling) or 0.5mm (shearing) thick.

You should wear gloves and eye protection when using this tool. Sheet metal is sharp and presents a hazard to the user.


  • 1) Chips in eyes.
  • 2) Sharp objects and chips cutting fingers.
  • 3) Crush/ severing of digits

Persons at risk.

  • Operator.
  • Persons nearby

Initial assessment of risk.

Hazard identified Severity Probability Risk Factor
Chips in eyes 3 2 6
Cuts from sharp objects 1 3 3
Crush/ severing of digits 3 2 6

Control measures.

  • Users will be required to demonstrate competency or be given instruction in safe use.
  • Safety glasses will be worn.
  • Protective gloves will be worn.

Final assessment of risk

Hazard identified Severity Probability Risk Factor
Chips in eyes 2 1 2
Cuts from sharp objects 1 2 2
Crush/ severing of digits 3 1 3

Points system

Hazard severity Points Rating Definition
Nil 1 Very minor injury, bruise, graze, no risk of disease.
Slight 2 Minor injury, which would allow the individual to continue work after first aid treatment on site or at a local surgery. The duration of the stoppage or treatment is such that the normal flow of work is not seriously interrupted.
Moderate 3 Temporary disability causing injury or disease capable of keeping an individual off work for three days or more and reportable under RIDDOR
High 4 Causing death, serious injury or permanent disability to an individual.
Very high 5 Causing multiple deaths and widespread destruction eg. fire, building collapse.

Hazard likelihood Points Rating Definition
Remote possibility 1 There is really no risk present. Only under freak conditions could there be any possibility of an accident or illness. All reasonable precautions have been taken - This should be the normal state of the workplace.
Unlikely 2 This incident or illness might occur but the probability is low and the risk minimal.
Possible 3 The accident may occur if additional factors precipitate it, but it is unlikely to happen without them.
Highly likely 4 Will happen more often than not. Additional factors could precipitate an incident but it is still likely to happen without this additional factor.
Inevitable 5 If the work continues as it is, there is almost 100% certainty that an accident will happen, for example:

A broken stair or broken rung on a ladder Bare, exposed electrical conductors Unstable stacks of heavy boxes

Risk Rating Score Definition Action
1 to 4 Low No action required
5 to 9 Moderate Reduce risks if reasonably practicable
10 to 15 High Risk Priority action to be undertaken
16 to 25 Unacceptable Action must be taken IMMEDIATELY