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This is info on models for 3d printers, including design recomendations, and common sources of models


Pretty much all slicers will accept both STL and OBJ files, with STL being the most common file type

Other common 3d model formats are often accepted, but which ones are vary on a slicer by slicer basis

Design recomendations

To print optimally and with minimum supports you should:

  • Have a flat base to put on the print bed
  • Keep all angles less than or equal to 45 degrees to the vertical where possible
  • Not have sections that don't have someting below them
  • Have any surfaces that are going accross a gap form a bridge

MakersMuse on youtube has a nice video on support minimisation here


  • Thingiverse a near universal common standard source for printable models; all models are free
  • MyMiniFactory also a common 3d model repository, some models are paid
  • Cults
  • Pinshape
  • Traceparts - Models of components from Farnell, et al. Mostly components