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This page is under construction. PLEASE STAND BY.

Note this is mostly for maintenance, not for general usage. For information on using tools in the workshop please see the [[Workshop]] Page


This is a list of proposed suggestions, ideas, resources, and other various oddities that may be informative

These are all hypothetical conjecture, and may not be practically implementable.

Proposed projects

These are Projects; Itemised and contained, running for a hopefully finite span of time.

Rewrite the table saw induction & RA

Big band saw induction & RA and maintain machine

Wood lathe induction procedures & RA

Spindle sander induction and ra, guard and insert plates

Disk sander Build guard & inductions and RA required

Improve dust extraction systems

Catalogue/find a home for tools and equipment

Bigger milling machine

Whole room emergency stop System

Old system ripped out and stored depending if and when a proper system is designed

  1. Design a proper system taking in consideration tools that new power to break ie big band saw.

Replacement DB