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Team AG lathe

This page for the discussion and on going maintenance of the Kerry AG lathe. To record issues and solutions, improvements, jobs lists ect.

Needs to be done before use

cleaning up

The lathe is cleaning up a lot better than expected most part have been cleaned up bar the apron.

The bearing and all gears all appear to be in very good condition.


Refresh on wiring

Emergency stop.

it does have A proper DOL which while old and tatty on the outside appears to be good condition inside and can have emergency stop added but replacements are not expensive.


Need to use SAE 50 for the gearbox and all other parts of the lathe the oil need to be yellow metal safe an oil matching GL3 standard should fit but need to double check. 

Oil in head looks to be in good condition but may be worth changing

Need to figure out all the oiling points

There are two missing oiling point ones been damaged though impact and damaged thread on the other. May be wise to just replace the lot.


While not so critical as some of the above.

There's a missing alieghment dowel on the headstock and missing bolt

Need to decide what it going to sit down on.


DRO would be an nice addition

access control