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The space currently has 2 Variable Frequency Drives; these magic boxes provide 3 phase AC power to 3 phase motors from the single phase mains of the space.

Machines that use a VFD

  • The power saw has a HYOD (Manual)
  • The CNC Mill has a newer HYOD. (Manual)

VFD Control

The power saw VFD doesn't really need settings changing for normal operation. For this reason the user interface is locked out.

The CNC Mill controller interfaces with the CNC Mill VFD through PWM (0-10v) to adjust things like spindle speed, and direction.

VFD Parameters

Most VFD have a set of around 500 PD values that allow you to change settings on the unit (such as drive frequency); changes to these PD values can fry motors and/or the VFD. These PD values should only need to be set once, tailored to the application for the VFD and never would normally need to be changed by anyone but a service engineer.

CNC MILL VFD parameters

These parameters are listed in the safest order to set them (encase one does not apply properly).

  • PD005 (Max Operating Frequency) - 400
  • PD004 (Base Frequency) - 400
  • PD003 (Main Frequency) - 400
  • PD006 (Intermediate Frequency) - 2.5
  • PD007 (Min Frequency) - 1.2
  • PD008 (Max Voltage) - 220
  • PD009 (Intermediate Voltage) - 15
  • PD011 (Frequency Lower Limit) - 0
  • PD015 (Deceleration Time 1) - 1
  • PD072 (Lower Analogue Frequency) - 400.00
  • PD143 (Motor Pole Number) - 2
  • PD142 (Rated Motor Current) - 6.5
  • PD144 (Rated Motor Revolution) - 3000
  • PD49 (SPM D6) - 0 *Please Check
  • PD48 (SPL D5) - 600 *Please Check

PD011 is the minimum frequency, below 120 (6000 rpm) it would cause non-water cooled spindles to burn up. Below 6500 generally has much less torque, but it is usable to around 3200rpm.

PD144 adjusts the unit to give correct 24000 rpm at 400hz.