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Warning icon Warning! This page is out of date. The WiFi-HiFi is not set up in our new premises on Sheepscar Street yet.

WiFi-HiFi logo

The WiFi-HiFi musicates the space. Running mpd, it can play most formats including internet radio streams.

It's often playing Planet Rock, sadly.


The server is wifihifi.hackspace ( It has a web interface (ympd).

No authentication is required, but you'll need to be on the hackspace network in order to connect.


  • Linux users will probably find gmpc is available in their standard software repo.
  • OS X users can try Theremin.
  • Windows users can get gmpc here.

Other clients can be found on the mpd wiki.

Music Storage

Music in the library is stored on the NAS, and currently is organised into directories based on who copied it there. If you add more music, mpd will need a library refresh triggering.