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Vinyl Cutter
Cuts vinyl and plots things.
Equipment Information
Status Working
Manufacturer China!
Model 28 inch wide vinyl capacity
Hackspace Information
Induction Required Yes
Induction Information Here
Card RFID Enabled No
Owner Hackspace

The Basics

The vinyl cutter uses a very small, sharp knife to cut through only one layer of a self-adhesive vinyl/protective backing sandwich. It can be used to create vinyl graphics / stickers, artwork for use on the heat press, as stencils for spray painting and etch masks for electro-etching, amongst other things.

The drawings it cuts from need to be in vector format, the knife will cut where ever there is a line drawn, you can use inkscape to make your artwork files, or Signblazer elements (which is installed on one of the hackspace computers behind the gaming table)

It is also possible to swap out the knife for a plotting pen so that it can be used to draw patterns for sewing.

The hackspace keeps a stock of sticker adhesive / sign vinyl which will last well outside in the elements. We also keep a stock of vinyl for making sticking designs onto t-shirts or other textiles, the heat press is useful for this.

Resolution X (dpi) 995 Resolution Y (dpi) 997

Detailed Instructions On Use


Please see Joe (japoteg) or Aidan (adnbr) if you want a Vinyl Cutter induction. Come armed with an SVG vector file that you would like to cut!