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LHS Around the Internet

Opening Times & Key Bearers

  • Monday evenings: Angus
  • Tuesday evenings: Everyone
  • Wednesday evenings: Johnny Stirling
  • Thursday evenings: Amr Bekhit, Richard Glover and Ronald Sousa
  • Saturday: Everyone

More Specific Pages


For information on organised events and event ideas, as well as details on past events and other things of interest.


Upcoming Meetings (check out what we're discussing at the next meeting, add things you'd like to discuss)


Information on the current venue.

Information about the Royal Park community proposal


A place to come up with the next great project

Notable projects:


A place to put up details about you.



A place to store useful URLs


  • Incorporated as non-profit company since Autumn 2009
  • Currently awaiting bank account
  • Venue arranged. Signed for and keys received on 09/03/2010. We are GO!
  • Donations nearing £1000 by March 2010. Membership fees now being collected.

Ongoing needs

  • Income - some projects that make money (training? services?)

Post your thoughts and ideas in Fundraising!

Inspiration and experience

Getting started (How to Wiki)

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.