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Ongoing Projects

(be they personal or collaborative, add them here)

Project Dreams

(A few things other LHS'ers would like to work on add your dreams or perhaps team up with others to realize one of these)


  • Big ass robot
  • Small robot protect us from the big robot
  • A Yet smaller robot to protect us from the small robot.
  • BEAM robotics - preferably solar powered
  • Autonomous blimp


  • Arduino (lighting, ethernet shield)
  • Sewing - wearable tech
  • RFID (Nabzfog, opening doors over SSH, 'Making Things Talk)


Mechanical Hardware

  • Giant Jenga
  • Jenga gun [2]
  • Giant Jenga gun
  • Rube Goldberg machine

Electronic Hardware (toys, interfaces)

  • psp midi sequencer
  • how many ways can you build a theremin?
  • Multitouch surfaces
  • Security systems for the space
  • Software project with a Monome (
  • USB typewriter [3]
  • Wiimote, charged by kinetics (seriously, has no-one done this?)
  • LED Game of Life Lamp/Lampshade
  • LED compass belt (similar projects exist)
  • Arduino powered, Nerf armed, twitter duelling apparatus
  • Baker Tweet concept applied to something else (
  • Physical device using Bluetooth to connect to custom iPhone app (possible from v3 of the iPhone OS)
  • Aeroquad (hoverbot) [4]
  • ChessBot: a robot that can play chess by means of camera + memory + arm.
  • miyagiBot: a robot to test how fast a reaction you can get from a homebrew bot, high fps camera(or two) + chopsticks(simple arm to start with so it can practice catching balls).
  • x0xb0x:
  • TheWatcher: a mechanical head with two cameras for eyes that follow faces(facial recognition to centerize) and moves it head if the cameras are about to reach their maximum angle.
  • whirltle: a test to see if kettles boil faster with a fan circulating the water.


  • Face recognition app, add clothes or masks ala a particular anime programme, or crowd sourced so you know who people are if they know your friends.
  • Tree identification & AI - taxonomic key etc
  • Betting on twitter users. You guessed that "Stephen Fry will make 25 tweets tomorrow". you win 20 credits!
  • Augmented Reality Ghosts in Leeds.
  • OSM coverage of Holbeck needs work (so we have a lovely hackspace map)
  • Food recipes. Timer for apps, websites, desktop, mobile.


  • Outdoor table and bench
  • Barbecue
  • Beanbags

Big Hardware & Dangerous Things

  • Big hardware, with engines ... cars, bikes, preferably steam powered, Stirling engines
  • Electric trike
  • Toffee hybrid rocket. Mmmm toffee. [5]
  • Homebrew renewable energy generation (car alternator/battery wind turbine, anyone?)


  • Brewing (alkyhol), hopefully a range of full-mash Hackspace beers - WE NEED TO BREW TCP/IPA
  • Replacing traditional incandescent/fluorescent lights with LEDs that are sufficiently bright