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* [[Team 3D|Team 3D]]
* [[Team 3D|Team 3D]]
* [[Team CNC|Team CNC]]
* [[Team CNC|Team CNC]]
* [[Team Wiki|TeamWiki]]}}
* [[Team Wiki|TeamWiki]]
* [[Team Workshop|Team Workshop]]}}
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| style="width: 50%;" |{{Box-round|title=Location|
Unit 14 Sheepscar House
Unit 14 Sheepscar House

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If you want a Wiki account please ask on IRC or via email to the mailing list or the e-mail below.

About the Space

Leeds Hackspace is a workshop space for people that like making things, are curious about how stuff works, or would like to learn new skills.

Membership is open to all and we are a not-for-profit organisation entirely run by its community.

We are interested in technology (both new and old) but are also a social group of people who enjoy talking and bouncing ideas/questions off of one another.

Everyone is welcome (and encouraged) to have a wiki account. Please ask in IRC/Slack or email the directors.

Contact Info




Unit 14 Sheepscar House Sheepscar Street South Leeds LS7 1AD

(Next to Enterprise Rent-a-car, through the gate!)

Access and Opening Times

  • Open Nights: 7pm Onwards, Tuesdays
  • Open Days: 2nd Saturday of the month from 11am-4pm
  • Viewings by appointment
  • Member Access: 24/7 (with RFID & PIN)
  • RFID Door Access User Guide


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